WhatsApp Chat Logging SpyBrad

WhatsApp is most used and most Popular chatting application, it is widely used all over the world. Personal as well as Business communications both have important of WhatsApp, These days even most of the updates, support are also provided through WhatsApp. So tracking and recording chats of WhatsApp becomes very important for complete monitoring.

WhatsApp Voice and Videos Calls are very common as they cost less then regular voice and video calls. These calls can be used world wide without any extra cost which makes WhatsApp messenger need of everyone for chatting and calling. SpyBrad runs various services to get maximums from WhatsApp Chats and Calls to spy over target phone.

WhatsApp Chat and Voice Call recording by SpyBrad

WhatsApp Chats recordings works different - different on cellphones as per the available enviornment. To get more from WhatsApp monitoring the target mobile need to be rooted which gives you access to WhatsApp chats with media like photos sent or received in chats. However in non-rooted cellphones also you can view most of the chats and images under logs of various categories like in keystroke logs you can view all the keys typed by phone user in WhatsApp application. Incoming WhatsApp chats can be viewed from Status bar notification alerts logging. Photos sent or received can be seen in Photo Logging etc.

WhatsApp call recording can be used in any cellphone and root is not required for this features to work. So WhatsApp voice call recordings works in same way whether target cell phone is rooted or not.

  • View WhatsApp Chats, Groupt Chats and Messages from Businesses
  • Record WhatsApp Voice Calls.
  • Record Chats with person name, time and text or media.
  • WhatsApp text messages under Key Stroke Logs.
  • Notification logs show all the incoming alerts including WhatsApp incoming message notifications
  • WhatsApp media images can be viewed in Photo Logging
  • Record WhatsApp voice calls in background and listen to them