Online Activities Logging SpyBrad

Every parent is worried of their kids online activities like what websites they are visting what kind of social media apps they are using, what they are searching for online all these activities are very important for safety and protection of childern. SpyBrad provides recording these online activites and you can view most of web searching history, website vists and other online activities.

Web History Tracking

Web browsing is most used features of a smartphone, we search of every small question online, search online store for products and use various services online, social activites are also conducted with social media apps as well as web browers tracking and spying over these as much important as much other features of cell phone are.

  • Record and Capture Web browsing history.
  • Monitor all the online web searches.
  • View website name, complete URL and time of visit.
  • See the online social media activities of cell phone.