Track SMS Logs SpyBrad

Text Messages are old way of chatting and communicating, but in this social media chatting decade they are still in use and very important. SMS are still used for many reasons, they can be sent or received without internet backup and restore of SMS is easy and its native phones features so irrespective of person preferences of chatting application they are used by everyone. Tracking and recording all these text messages sent or received by target mobile are still as important as calls to know the status of monitored cellphone.

Read through All the Text Messages from Logs Panel

SpyBrad Logs panel will show you all the text messages from target mobiles, these will sms will be tracked and recorded with all the sms log details. SpyBrad can still show you the Text messages those were deleted instatly after sending or receiving.

  • See Sent and received Text messages from all people.
  • Text Message's body text, date & time, name, phone number make the complete sms log.
  • Never miss the instantly deleted SMS logs.
  • Track important updates target mobile is receiving through SMS.
  • Multiple Language support for Text Message logs.