Phonebook Contact Logging SpyBrad

List of contacts tells to who the person is in connection with, whenever person meets new people they save their numbers in phonebook so update alerts of these are useful to know about the new people person is coming in contact with. You can see whether these people are normal to be in contact list of your kid or not.

Monitor Cell Phone's Contacts

SpyBrad keep track of all the new contact being created by target phone either in any online account like Google Contact or in phone memory and upload their logs to Logs Panel. You can see which phone numbers were saved in contact list on which date under the Contact logs of SpyBrad. You should timely go through all these new contacts in your kids phone to know if there is any unusual person in phone book.

  • See through all the existing contacts of phonebook.
  • Get Updates about new Contact entries.
  • Contact Name, Address, Email and Mobile numbers.
  • Pull Phonebook contacts from Mobile phone using Live Connect commands.