Parental Monitoring SpyBrad

In this digital era where mobile phone is a necessity, monitoring and controlling activities of child is very important and required thing. It is very important to know about their gps locations, online activities, surfing history for safety and protection. SpyBrad brings many Parental Control and Monitoring features to help parents in protect and safety of their child.

Child safety and Protection with Parental monitoring and control

SpyBrad's all most every feature like call logging, sms logging, web history logging help parent in monitoring their child's online & Cellphone activities. With these features there are many recovery features for safety and protection like live gps locations, recovery call back, remote phone wipe etc.

SpyBrad gives you power to monitor many mobile phones with its one account so there is no need to have separate account for every child, you can monitoring all your child's cell phone under one account.

  • Options to run the application as stealth or non-stealth.
  • Online activities logging and reporting.
  • Multi device management features.
  • Recovery Call back ( Learn more )
  • Live monitoring actions like phone wipe, surround listening ( Learn more )
  • Lot of cell phone activity logging Features.
  • New Contact, calendar logging to know about new persons and locations kid is engaging with.
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