Record Notifications alerts SpyBrad

Notification alerts are those updates which are posted by Andorid OS in mobile status bar whenever anything new happens or arrieves like low battery, incoming chat messages, a ongoing voice, video or WhatsApp call etc. This is the most viewed and visited area of cell phone by every user. Person can even reply from notification of incoming chats and emails from notification alert.

Capture Incoming Chats Notification and Alerts

Cell phone need to enable Accessiblity service for SpyBrad application for this feature to work. This is the same setting you also need to enable for Key Stroke logging as well. When you install and configure SpyBrad in target cell phone it will walk you through the steps. Mobile is not required to be rooted for this feature.

  • Track New Incoming Chat Messages
  • See Incoming Emails, Text Messages and Calls
  • Monitor Ongoing tasks, events from Phone
  • List of each and every notification alert posted by any application like TikTok, WhatsApp etc
  • All the information like app name, sender if a chat message, time and text.