Live Mobile Tracking SpyBrad

Live Mobile Connect is not activity logging but its in real time, it connect you with monitored mobile in real time to run various monitoring and recovery commands. These commands / actions are executed which mobile is live connected with our panel and results are given you instantly. So you need to wait for cell phone to report logs but you can also connect with monitored phone from anywhere at anytime and pull various logs and do other monitoring and recovery actions.

Run Monitoring and Recovery actions in Live mode

SpyBrad Live Mobile Connect will let you execute many actions on cell phone which is live connected, to connect with cell phone in live mode the target cell phone need have to Internet connecat in that moment. Without Internet at target mobile a live connection can not be established.

When most of the Monitoring service provider applications charge extra for Live actions and force their customer to buy ad-on for this features, SpyBrad gives it as an in-built feature without any extra cost

Actions you can execute in Live Mode:

  • Live GPS Location

    This live command will show current mobile location on map, you can view real time location of cell phone using this command. it can be used to view the navigation cell phone in map.

  • Record Surroundings

    Record, download and listen to surroundings of cell phone. Give command from Live mode to record surroundings for certain time and listen to what is happening around the target cell phone.

  • Stealth Camera Snapshots

    Click photos from camera in stealth and view them to see the surroundings and location around the cell phone, Capture from front or rear camera of cell phone in stealth. These photos will not be saved in target phone's gallery.

  • Call Back

    Target phone person is not responding to your calls? you are worred of where abouts of person? This is rescue command for you, just enter the number where you want to have the call and execute it, the target mobile will automatically call the given number. The call log will be saved in call history and call will be visible on target mobile screen.

  • Pull Call History

    Retrieve the whole call history logs from target mobile to given email address with complete call log details.

  • Pull Text Messages

    Get a email with all the text messages to provided email address using this command.

  • Pull Contacts

    This command will send all the phone book contacts from target mobile to given email address.

  • Wipe Cell Phone

    This is to protect your data from unauthorized and unwanted access, you can use it if your phone is stolen or lost. This command will wipe the whole mobile with all the content in it including SpyBrad application it self.

  • Mobile Screenshot

    In the rooted target mobile you can see what is visible on mobile screen to know what application is being used at that time, this command capture the mobile screen and show to you.

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