Key Stroke Logging SpyBrad

Key Stroke logging is recording keys user type by mobile soft keyboard in any application or input field like typeing text message, dialing phone number, composing a email or writing a whatsapp status. These types messages, number, email and status are recorded in Key stroke logging by SpyBrad with time and application name in which they are being typed.

Log Keys Typed in any Application

Monitoring capbilities of Key Strokes are very wide from a small text message to big email composes. SpyBrad provdes a different settings which need to be enabled if you are willing to track key strokes of target mobile. When you configuration the SpyBrad application after installation, SpyBrad configuration setup will walk you through the steps to enable key stroke logging which is same settings that also works for Notification alert logging.

  • Record all the keys user type in any application of mobile.
  • Keys strokes user typed, name of application and time of typings are logged.
  • This enables you to monitor chats of WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media and chatting apps without rooting the phone.
  • Multiple language key strokes are supported by SpyBrad
  • Accessiblity settings need to be enabled for Key Stroke logging. Learn here about configuration.