GPS Location Capturing SpyBrad

Updates of gps location and history of gps logs are very vital for kids safety and protection they are also very important for cell phone spying and monitoring to keep the track of locations the cell phone is visiting. Time of location visit with exact street address and pin point latitude and longitude gives much required information about activities of Cell phone being monitored using SpyBrad.

GPS Location Logging and Live View on MAP

SpyBrad captures monitored phones location using various services like GPS satellites, Avaialble Wifi Network, Internet connection etc these all are then calculated together by Cell phone gps services to find the best location possible. Enabling GPS with High accuracy help SpyBrad to capture the location more accurately. SpyBrad records locations of Cell phone based on spcific time interval or on movement of mobile phone from one to another location. SpyBrad use every approach to record all those important gps location updates which makes them useful and complete.

  • Frequent GPS Location Updates.
  • Latitude, Longitude with street address and date time of location.
  • High accuracy GPS location logs of Cell phone
  • See Mobile location movements on MAP
  • Less battery consumption and stealth location tracking.