Features Monitor every Cellphone Activity

Spy over WhatsApp Chats, Messenger Chats, Calls, Sms and Record voice calls.

Location and GPS Logs

SpyBrad application will capture GPS locations in background and save them to your account periodically so you can view the location of device for a specific time. Using Live Commands you can also view the present location of device on map and keep refreshing to fetch the latest location of moving device. It is a very important feature for Parental Control and employee monitoring to know where the Kids and employees are at any time.

Photos & Camera Snapshot

Mobile Tracking application will track and record each and every photo captured by Device Camera or downloaded from internet. All these photos will be uploaded to your account where you can see what content your child or employee is downloading, which photos they are capturing from device camera. The photos will be uploaded as soon as they are capture by device camera or downloaded. So you will never miss any photo from monitored device.

Call Logs & Recordings

Call logs is an important feature to monitor a device, it provides to which person the monitored user is making calls and what time and duration they are talking over phone. These calls will be recorded and sent to your account. Calls which are Received, Dialed or missed will be reported with full details like name, contact number, date and time of call and duration for which call was made. Download and listen to these calls.

Key Stroke Logging

Know what is being typed by monitored user and in what application. You will also know to whom the text is being typed if it is typed in any chat or messenger application like WhatsApp. You will also be able to view WhatsApp sent messages under key logging. So all the text user typed would be reported under this category.

Notification Logging

See all incoming Status bar notifications with Application, sending person, date time and text of notification. It may give you most of the incoming messages of chat applications like WhatsApp or other. It will include all alerts like events, emails, chats etc.

Recovery Options

These are the commands those you may want to run in some certain times like when the phone is lost or stolen you can send a command to wipe the device so the date within device will not be seen or copied by the other person.

WhatsApp Chat Monitoring

Under Key stroke logging and Notification Logging you will be able to view most of the messages sent or received in WhatsApp Messenger. These messages will include date & time of message, person name, text body etc. The photos sent or received in WhatsApp can be seen under Photo Logging feature.

SMS Logs

Text Messages sent or received to any body, with all the name, number and text information will be monitored and reported to your Mobile Spy account. Know about to whom the kid is talking and about what topics they are texting. A Live command can also be used to pull all the Text Messages Inbox and Outbox to any email address.

Address Book

Get all the phone book contacts of Monitored device from Live commands in email with name, phone numbers. After installation of SpyBrad application on device, whenever any new contact is added in device then it will be reported under Address Book logs. So you can know who are the new person coming in your kids life.

Record Surroundings

Record a short surround/voice from monitored device in stealth mode and listen to it. It is a good feature to know about the surroundings of kid or person you are spying. Once you sent the command the monitored device will record surround for a specific time duration and upload it to your account from where you can download and listen to it.


Callback is recorvery feature and it could be used in emergency times. When the person you are monitoring is not responding to any calls and you are worried about his well being you can request a callback from the monitored device using our Live Command. The Monitored device will automatically callback to provided number.

Front and Rear Camera View

Using these Camera Live commands you can silently capture photos from Front or Rear camera of monitored device to see where the monitored person is and what is visible around. These stealth camera snapshots will not be saved in monitored devices gallery and these will be captured in stealth mode without making any alert.