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Mobile tracking or spying means you want to monitor a device and its activities and view the logs from elsewhere. SpyBrad is an application with web panel to let users access monitored device activities remotely from anywhere, presently we are providing to spy/monitor on live gps location, Call logs, Sms logs, Recordings, Location logs, Photos, Key Stroke Logs, Notification Logs, Address Book, Camera, Screenshot, reboot, wipe, callback features, we keep working to provide you more features. Existing customers with ongoing plans will not need to pay anything extra for new feature releases.
SpyBrad is an leading spy application which can be used as a Child Monitoring or utility application for mobile to access its data from anywhere, View most of logs like calls, sms, locations, photos, contacts from your Account Panel, Access Device features using commands - like capture photos, record audio, track location etc. Application can also be used for Parental Control as well for monitoring employees. We provide 2 days FREE trial for which you do not need to provide any payment information.
To start monitoring the device, first of all you need to register an account with us then you must install the SpyBrad application on the devices you want to monitor under your account, you can monitor any number of devices under your account. To access the activity logs of devices you are monitoring Login to your account from any computer or mobile.
The available subscription under your account will be divided between number of devices you are monitoring, example if you are monitoring 2 devices with 30 days subscription plan, then it will be divided between 2 devices and will become 15 days for your account. You can remove any unused devices at any time from your account and their remaining subscription will be automatically distributed among remaining devices in your account. You can add or remove devices any time and they will only burn the subscrption when they are active and being monitored.
1. Hide App Icon from Mobile Tracking Android App. Later you can launch it by dialing ##111 from phone dialer
2. To hide Status Bar notification, long press on status bar notification posted by our App, once the Checkbox about notification appears turn it off.
3. Disable Scan by Google Play Protect: Settings -> Google -> Security -> Google Play Protect -> Scan device for security threats -> Disable/turn off
Yes there is Trial for new Users, when you register your account with us, you will be provided 2 days promotion to try our various features, You would not need to provide any payment information to use the Trial.
No you won't need to re-install the application on monitored device to purchase more subscription, application will automatically update payment information and starts working as per your plan when you decide to purchase. However if for a certain period of time no purchase is made then you may need to re-install the application. So keep your account in standing status to avoid trouble.
No there is no extra charge to add any number of devices under your account, you will be only charged for used services, however the subscription will be divided within devices you are monitoring. If you stop using service on any device you should remove it from Account so it do not burn your subscription. When you add a new device in your account the subscription available in account gets divided between all the devices. Once you remove a device from your account its subscription gets added to remaining devices in your account.
You need to have the device with you physically, in device you want to monitor download the application from Downloads page and install, login or register with your SpyBrad account and complete the setup, For detailed information about installation for monitoring kindly visit Setup Page.
To uninstall the application, Click on application icon then enter password and tap uninstall, however if the icon is not visible then open the Dialer and dial ##000, once you dial this code application home screen will appear, now enter the password and uninstall.
You can also uninstall via Settings->Apps->SpyBrad -> Uninstall.
Right now we only support Android devices having OS version 4.0.3 and above.