Facebook Chat Logging SpyBrad

Track Facebook Messenger chats of person to person or group chats with SpyBrad, view logs of Facebook chats in your Logs Panel account. Facebook is most popular social media and its messenger is also very much used. SpyBrad stealth services capture Facebook messenger chats of text messages and media.

Facebook Messenger Chat Tracking

SpyBrad takes different - different approach to track Facebook Chats, In mobile phones which are rooted SpyBrad can track Facebook Chats with complete text body and media images. These are logged and reported to your Logs panel under Facebook Logs. In case the mobile is not rooted then most of Facebook Chat logs can be seen in Key Stroke logging and Notification logging. Key Stroke loggine captures all keys user type to send which also includes keys typed in Facebook chat window. Incoming chat messages of Messenger can be seen in Notification alerts, every new incoming chat message appears in status bar notification from where SpyBrad captures and reports them to your logs panel.

  • Monitor Facebook Chat messages including Group Messages
  • See full chat text and media sent or received in rooted mobiles.
  • The log with all the details of sender, group and time.
  • Also Spy over Facebook chats in non-rooted mobiles under Key Stroke and Notification logging.