Listen to Phone Calls SpyBrad

Record and Listen to Voice phone calls from target mobile, These calls are recorded by SpyBrad in background when there is any incoming or outgoing call from target mobile. These phone call recordings have voice from both of the side of phone and in very good quality. These call recordings could be very important to monitor a phone and activites. This could help for protection and safety.

Remotely listen to Mobile Phone calls

Voice calls are most preferred way of communication and recording them for complete monitoring of target mobile is necessary, SpyBrad runs services in stealth background to record every voice calls made through Phone. Even SpyBrad gives option to record WhatsApp calls but Phone Calls more used and still the preferred way. Call recordings are uploaded to your Logs Panel account after the call is disconnected, you can download and listen to these voice calls from anywhere.

  • Record Phone Voice Calls in Background and Listen to them.
  • Record every Incoming and Outgoing Call
  • Listen to both side voice in good quality.
  • Download recorded voice calls to your computer