Cell History Logging SpyBrad

Stealth monitoring services of SpyBrad runs in background to record every incoming, outgoing call, the call log recorded will be reported as they happen on tareget mobile. These call logs are complete information about calls user is making and reciveing through target cellphone, spying over call logs for monitoring is most important tracking requirement so we have built such a service which will not miss a single call log by any change.

A True Call log Tracking

Many times phone user make calls and remove their entries from Phone call log history to delete traces of such calls but SpyBrad can still have track of them, these removed calls logs will be tracked instantly and reported to your logs panel. The Calls logs tracking of SpyBrad is complete and none of Missed, Received, or Dialled calls will be left.

  • Call logs tracking will be completelly stealth and in background.
  • The Call log spying features will be always ON.
  • Call log will have details like name, phone number, data & time of Call, Duration of Call.
  • These calls will also be recorded under Call Recording feature of SpyBrad.
  • Logs Panels will have almost replica of target mobile's call log history.
  • You can also pull the whole call history logs from target monitored mobile in shot using Live Connect's Call History pull action