Track Calendar Events of Phone SpyBrad

Calendar events are very important in busy life, we create calendar for everything imporant which is scheduled to be done in future or in regular interval. These calendar events help us to buy credit card bills on time, attend public events, visit our appointments on time, stay available for schedule calls and more. Recording these calendar events are very imporant to know about these updates, events and alerts.

Calendar Events Logging

SpyBrad record events from all the Calendar accounts like Google Calendar, events are tracked as soon as they are created or invited to join. These events logs will have all the information about the tracked calendar event. You can see these event logs in Logs Panel under Calendar Event Logs. These logs will have time the event is created and the time of event when they are supposed to be executed.

  • Monitor Events and get updates about new events
  • Know about Event name, title, location, date and attendees.
  • See Events those are attended by target cell phone user.
  • Track all events under any Calendar account like Google Calendar